5 best ceiling fan under 1000 Rs In India 2022 >> Price, Review, Specifications

Ceiling fans are one of the most useful, convenient, and effective ways to cool down your room. But what if you want something more than just a ceiling fan – something that’s energy-efficient, quiet, and at an affordable price? There are a lot of options to choose from online for your high-quality ceiling fan, but don’t worry! We have selected the 5 best ceiling fans under 1000 Rs. in India 2022.

We have personally tested them and found them much better than their competitors. So let’s check out these amazing top-quality ceiling fans under 1000 Rs in India!

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Best ceiling fan under 1000 RsIn India 2021

5 best ceiling fan under 1000 rs
5 best ceiling fan under 1000 rs

 Listed below we provide you with information about the 5 Best ceiling fans under 1000 Rs In India 2022 >> Price, Review, Specifications with full product details; we hope you enjoy our efforts and make the best choice for you.   

1. Lifelong Glide 1200mm Ceiling Fan, Brown (2 years Warranty)

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Product specification:

  • Very Reliable and Efficient 100% Copper Motor
  • Fast Fan (380 RPM) and Corrosion Resistant
  • Guarantee: 2 years on item and extra 6month guarantee by enlisting on the maker site
  • 75 watts power utilization
  • Twofold Ball Bearings for Noise Free Air Circulation

Special features:

  • Copper motor
  • Aluminum body
  • Aerodynamic design

Lifelong logo

Product description:

The Lifelong Glide 1200mm ceiling fan is power-packed with a 75-watt super effective 100% copper motor. Its three blades and double ball bearings ensure silent air circulation. Engineered to work in a voltage range of 180V to 240V, it is equipped with a high-speed motor and corrosion-resistant powder-coated aluminum blades that last a lifetime. The classy mix of walnut and maple finish adds an aesthetic feel to your living space.

The Lifelong Glide 1200mm Ceiling Fan aptly enhances the beauty of your home by complementing the interiors. This fan is equipped with an aerodynamically balanced blade that gives a super silent performance and consistent air delivery for effective cooling. With a brushed copper-on copper motor, this elegant fan ensures superior performance. If you’re in need of an energy-efficient, supercooling and superior performance air circulating device for your home or office, look no further than Lifelong ceiling fans. With a super silent operation and a wide oscillation sweep that ensures maximum air delivery, this fan will meet all your cooling needs.

2. ACTIVA 390 RPM 1200mm High Speed ceiling fan

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Product specifications:

  • Substantial CRC stepping to upgrade the life of the fan.
  • Honey bee affirmed 5 stars appraised limit your power bill.
  • Select With High Flow Technology
  • Air Dynamically Designed Balanced Blades,
  • Max Speed (RPM): 390
  • Box Contains Fan Motor, Blade Set, Canopy Set, Download and Shackle,
  • Manufactured Under The Guidance Of Highly Qualified Engineers To Ensure The Life Of Product,

Product description:

ACTIVA 39O 5 Star rated Apsra ceiling fan is built to deliver powerful airflow that can be felt as far as a 30-meter radius. The cooling power of this fan can be increased by reversing the blade direction by 180 degrees. Its smooth and efficient performance results in the consumption of less electricity than other normal fans. This ceiling fan gives a high speed of 390 RPM consumes only 68 Watts, which results in minimum electricity cost. Hence, it is a 5star rated energy-saving fan and BEE-approved.

This ceiling fan has a high-quality copper motor which makes it extremely powerful and efficient. This size is perfect for cooling any medium to a large room in your home or office. It is also powerful enough to circulate air through multiple rooms.

A classic in looks and built to last long by virtue of a sturdy body, this ceiling fan comes with a 2+1 year extended warranty. It consumes very less electricity even at high speed and so is power efficient.

3. LONGWAY® Star Anti Dust 1200 MM HIGH Speed Ceiling Fan

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Product specifications:

  • Rock solid Copper Motor. Most grounded 14 post engine for longer life and Durability, Aerodynamic sharp edges for high air conveyance.
  • 100% without rust cutting edge made of high-grade glass-filled intensified ABS for strength and longer life, shiny premium get done with PU paint.
  • Its standard plan is reasonable for any home or office insides. Sturdiest and heaviest engine plan for longer life. Twofold metal roller for smooth and commotion free activity
  • Guarantee: 2 years on item. Incorporates Motor and Blades (Not covered actual harm). Bearing – ZZ sleeve type metal roller,
  • RPM: 380 – 400, Air highlights: Sweep-1200 mm, High Speed In the Box: Ceiling Fan Motor, Canopies set, Down Rod with Shackle, Guarantee Card, Blade’s Set of Three Packed Separately, Regulator (Optional) Power Requirement: 230 volts 50 Hz
  • Works with a similar productivity at generator load

Product description:

The new Longway Star ceiling fan is all about giving users an experience. The Star comes with a super-efficient motor. It is designed to give maximum performance with less power consumption. The new body design and wider blade set along with the rustproof powder-coated feature makes this fan a durable product. Another plus point present here is the dustproof technology that removes dust just by one wipe. With a super-speed of 400 RPM and 230 CFM air delivery, you can enjoy better cooling and at the same time save power,

The superior motor from Longway helps you save on energy by 30%. This 1200mm Ceiling fan is great for your large room. With a unique design and glossy finish, it gives your home an elegant look.

A beautiful complement to any space, this Longway Star fan is a high-speed 1200 mm ceiling fan with a Glossy finish and 230 CMM Air delivery. It’s perfect when you want to change the direction of airflow and great for high ceilings or rooms that are difficult to reach.

This stunningly designed Longway Star 1200mm Ceiling Fan is guaranteed to be the focal point in any room. The product simply works with a light kit and gives you comfortable airflow. The fan comes with super-efficient technology that helps produce high airflow without any noise.

Mini ceiling fan under 1000Rs in India 2022

1.Sameer 24 Gati High Speed Ceiling Fan (Brown)

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Product specification:

  • Guarantee: 1-year guarantee gave by the producer from date of procurement
  • Includes: Ceiling Fan Motor, Blade Set, Down Rod, and Shackle Fittings
  • Incredible engine with powerfully adjusted sharp edges;
  • Motor Speed: 850 RPM;
  • Power Consumption: 40 W; Number of Speed Settings: 4;
  • Sweep/Fan Size (in mm): 24
  • Nation of Origin: India

Product description:

Sameer India Gati 600mm Hi-Speed Ceiling Fan comes with Double ball bearings, superb performance, and BEE 5 star rating. It is suitable for Kitchen / Veranda / Balcony / Small Room. Sameer Gato ceiling fan has superior components for longer life with a motor that churns out a high speed of 858 RPM and air delivery of 230 CMM. It is also dynamically balanced blades to ensure comfortable oscillation and long life. Gati ceiling fan comes with 4 blades in 2 different shades. The set includes a fan motor, blades, 2 canopies, down rod, shackle assembly, instructions manual, and warranty card.

Sameer Gati 600mm/24″ High-Speed Ceiling Fan has 4 blades made from 100% CNC Binding and is available in 2+1 Years Best-in-class Warranty pre-activated on a Paid basis by product registration. Best features: ✓ Double ball bearing motor ✓ Rust-free powder coated blades ✓ BEE five-star rating ✓ Suitability: Kitchen/Verandah/Balcony/Small Room

2. MinMax 24″ Classic 4 Blade Hi-Speed Ceiling Fan-Ivory

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Product specification:

  • Its 24″ 4 Blade Ceiling Fan With Blade Sweep 600 MM
  • Engine Speed-850 RPM which make this hey speed fan
  • NO. of Speed Settings: 5
  • Electric Consumption: 85 watts
  • It Has 2 Year Manufacturer Warranty

Product description:

The MinMax 24-inch Classic New Series 600MM Sweep High-Speed Ceiling Fan is an ultra-high-speed fan. It has a 600-MM sweep and consumes only 80 to 85 watts of power. This classic fan is able to be used in any type of indoor space, such as a bathroom, kitchen, veranda, balcony, or any other space up to 7 x 7 feet in size. The MinMax 24-inch Classic New Series Fan comes with the manufacturer’s 2-year warranty for part replacement. To use this warranty, the customer must send their product to an authorized service center.

Classic New Series with the highest speed fan with the ultimate level of commitment to be an energy saver, MinMax is the only fan that helps you to save cost and produces high-speed output.

Minmax fan has a huge range of ceiling, table, and wall fans. Apart from the modern in function and contemporary.

Buying guide to ceiling fans under 1000 Rs in India 2022

Following are the eight factors to consider when choosing a ceiling fan for your home or office

  1. When selecting a ceiling fan for your home, you should consider the size of the room. In exploring the market, you will learn that there are many ceiling fans that fall into two, three, four, and five-blade categories.
  2. You may choose any of these depending on the size of your room.
  3. Today, there are many models of ceiling fans that offer a distinctly different style statement to match different interior design schemes. However, physical appearance is not the only point to consider. There are many other factors that should be considered before choosing a fan.
  4. Most of the most efficient fans consume less energy and are constructed in such a way that they never fail to meet expectations. Many ceiling fan manufacturers in India market their fans with a similar approach, but you should bear the above-mentioned points in mind to find the appropriate combination between style and performance.
  5. Airflow is another significant consideration before choosing a ceiling fan. A ceiling fan’s airflow is measured in cubic feet per minute and is a measure of how much air they are pushing. The highest quality ceiling fans have an airflow of more than 6000 CFM, which is an excellent indicator of their quality.
  6. It is possible to find fans with slightly lower airflow, such as 4000-5000. These fans are also suitable for those who are searching for a budget fan with above-average performance. The airflow of the room has a large influence on how comfortable you will feel by bringing down the room’s temperature. Before investing your money, make sure that you check this specific specification.
  7. Now, moving on to power consumption, as stated above, the most optimal quality results from the use of less power with a better performance delivery. High-efficiency fans are capable of using considerably less energy, which allows you to save a few extra dollars on your electricity bill.
  8. Do not miss out on the stars it is tagged with. When you see the higher number of stars in the specifications, it becomes apparent that it will consume a smaller amount of electricity. There are also many fans that come with pre-fitted lights, which consume more power than the actual product. Therefore, it is recommended that you make a decision


Being the most used electrical appliances all over the world, ceiling fans have earned a special place in our hearts. They are invented to be used all the time throughout the year and have added to the beauty of the surrounding area where they are placed. The old designs have been revamped by their latest versions, there are different types of them with an optimum price range.

Nowadays, we see interest in it increasing day by day and that’s mainly because of growing construction activities taking place throughout the country along with an increasing number of electricity users.

FAQ related to Ceiling Fan Under 1000 Rs in India 2022

Are 3 or 4 blade ceiling fans better?

Ceiling fans with four blades produce less noise and can be used in rooms with air conditioning to circulate the cool air. These fans often have a more stylish appearance. A four-blade ceiling fan may, however, move air more slowly than a three-blade fan, and may also cost more than a three-blade fan.

Which type of fan gives more air?

There is more air circulated by a ceiling fan with more blades. Ceiling fans are not understood in this way. Truth be told, the amount of air that a ceiling fan can produce depends on a number of factors, in addition to the number of blades.

Can I install a ceiling fan myself?

The installation of a ceiling fan is a cost-effective way to reduce your energy bills without compromising your comfort. The installation of a fan is an excellent weekend project for any do-it-yourself enthusiast because it requires only a few hours and the payoff is immediate.

How much does it cost to run a ceiling fan 24 7?

A medium-sized ceiling fan will cost an average of 6.5 cents per day, 45 cents per week, and 1.94 cents per month to operate in the United States if left operating continuously. Larger fans are slightly more expensive to operate. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, they cost approximately. The cost of operating a large ceiling fan (50 inches to 54 inches) is 004 cents per hour.

Are ceiling fans outdated?

Certainly, there are outdated ceiling fans, but this does not mean that all ceiling fans are outdated. You should choose a ceiling fan that matches your style and decor. The purpose of ceiling fans is to provide a practical and functional function within a room, according to Morris.

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5 best ceiling fans under 1000 Rs In India 2022 >> Price, Review, Specifications
5 best ceiling fan under 1000 rs

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