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What is BLDC Fan?

What is BLDC Fan
What is BLDC fan, BLDC ceiling fan Full Form, BLDC motor advantages, disadvantages, power consumption, Full Information 2021 12

The BLDC ceiling fan represents the third generation of fans. It consumes 60 percent less energy than a traditional ceiling fan. BLDC ceiling fans use Brushless DC motors instead of traditional AC induction motors.

Full form of BLDC fan

Full form of BLDC fan
What is BLDC fan, BLDC ceiling fan Full Form, BLDC motor advantages, disadvantages, power consumption, Full Information 2021 13

A brushless direct current fan is also known as a BLDC fan.

BLDC fan meaning

BLDC fan meaning is BLDCmotor use in BLDC ceiling fan compare to induction motor in normal ceiling fan. With the use of a BLDC motor in the ceiling fan, we can save 60% electricity on the ceiling fan.

BLDC fan lifespan

The lifespan of a BLDC fan is longer than a normal ceiling fan because no heat is generated in the motor, which gives a longer lifespan to ceiling fan bearings, as well as fewer chances of the winding failing since the copper wire is thicker.

BLDC celing fan parts

The major parts use in BLDC ceiling fans are

1. BLDC Motor:

The full form of BLDCMs is brushless DC motors.  A brushless dc motor is so named since no brushes are used between the rotor and stator as a way of transmitting electricity.

These ceiling fans utilize permanent magnets to power their rotors.

An electric current is fed into copper windings of a stator which generates magnetism.

Rotors and stators with the same polarity (e.g., S & S, N & N) are pushed in the same direction by magnetic forces. Since the rotor rotates continuously, it is necessary to reverse the polarities of the rotor and stator in order to guarantee continuous rotation. Rotor rotation can be maintained this way. Stator polarity changes are controlled electronically.

2. BLDC Drive:

Following are the main components of a BLDC drive.

The SMPS is an electronic device that converts AC power to DC power.

The inverter is controlled by a microcontroller that receives input data from the remote control and outputs it accordingly.

A microcontroller sends a signal to an inverter, which drives the motor.

BLDC fan working principle

BLDC fan working principle
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As a result, BLDC fan drives are powered by SMPS which convert AC supply to DC supply, then the microcontroller receives the remote control signal and compares it against the input signal sent to the inverter, then the inverter drives the motor.

What is BLDC motor?

What is BLDC motor?
What is BLDC fan, BLDC ceiling fan Full Form, BLDC motor advantages, disadvantages, power consumption, Full Information 2021 15

An important feature of Brushless DC motors is their permanent magnet Rotor (as opposed to electromagnetic magnets). Electromagnets generate an AC magnetic field by putting AC current through them, while permanent magnets generate a DC magnetic field (Direct Current).

As a result of this interaction, motion is produced by the Stator’s magnetic field. You can change the speed of movement by varying the current flowing through the Stator’s electromagnet.

Rotators generate DC magnetic fields, which means even the stators must generate them. A direct current (or DC) is applied to the coil of the Stator. Nevertheless, the electricity that is delivered through our regular utility grid is an alternate current (A.C.).

That is why we require an “inverter” and an electronic circuit that enables AC to be converted into DC (to change the motor’s speed) for it to work properly.

Fans are not the only devices that use BLDC motors. Many BLDC motors are used in Inverter Technology (common in Air Conditioners and Refrigerators). Furthermore, BLDC motors come with an inverter built-in for converting DC/AC (no external inverter required).

Bijli Bachao gets requested frequently about whether you need an external inverter for inverter technology AC or refrigerator. The inverter is integrated, so our readers don’t need to be concerned.

This BLDC motor is most suitable for improving the efficiency, reliability, and noise level of the operation. Their power output is the same as their conventional counterparts, but they are lighter.

Pros and Cons of bldc motor


Due to the availability of inexpensive controllers on the market, BLDC motors have been used in a growing number of electrical appliances. The following are some of the reasons:

  • This is the first point. Because no commutator and brush are involved, there is no wear and tear on the mechanical components.
  • The second is that. Since BLDC motors use micro-controllers to establish a correct sequence for speed control, it has improved precision
  • This is the third. As a result of its low friction, the motor is very efficient.
  • It takes complicated software to control the motor, which is one of the disadvantages of BLDC motor. A motor’s cost may not be as high as expected, but when the controller is included, the price goes up significantly.
  • For high-rpm operations, it may be necessary to use a special gearing arrangement.

Advantages of BLDC fan:

  • DC brushless motors do not have carbon brushes, so they require fewer replacements and require less maintenance.
  • Because brushless DC motors are controlled electronically, they are more efficient and have improved performance compared to their brushed counterparts. This is because electronic control allows high-level control over the motor’s speed and position. In comparison to brushed DC motors, brushless DC motors have a 6 times longer lifespan.
  • Motors with brushes may burn out or suffer short-life due to high sparks caused by brushes. Brushless DC motors have fewer chances of burnout than brushed DC motors due to the absence of sparking issues.
  • The small size, high torque to weight ratio and compact design of brushless DC motors make them ideal for robotics and medical applications involving robotic arms and legs.
  • As compared with other motors of similar ratings, brushless DC motors emit relatively low levels of operating noise. During brush contacts, there is continuous noise and sparking as in other motors. Whenever electrical noise needs to be avoided, brushless DC motors should be chosen.

Disadvantages of BLDC fan:

  • A brushless DC motor is relatively more expensive than a brushed DC motor, and a brushless DC motor also requires an electronic controller, which increases the cost of overall setup, since a brushless DC motor does not require a mechanical commutation setup.
  • There are slight vibrations that occur when brushless DC motors are operated at low speeds. Vibrations decrease, however, as the speed rises.
  • The brushless DC motor has a vibratory frequency that at times is similar to, or even close to, the vibration frequency of the human body or the plastic parts, causing resonance to occur.
  • There is, however, a way of minimizing this resonance, and brushless DC motor-based devices are commonly observed to exhibit this resonance phenomenon.
  • Motors with brush connections require just a simple wiring connection, since the positive terminal connects to the positive wire and the negative terminal connects to the negative wire.
  • Nevertheless, brushless DC motors which are controlled by electronic control and are linked to electromagnets have much more complicated wiring and operation.

bldc fan power consumption

Fan TypeWattageDaily Electricity Consumption
Regular Fan75 Watts1.125 units
BLDC Fan30 Watts0.45 units
bldc fan power consumption

Best BLDC Fans in India

Here we list some best BLDC fans for you you can check the price, specifications, reviews, etc. of these BLDC fans

FAQ Related to BLDC fans

Is BLDC Fan good?

There are many advantages of BLDC motors over induction motors, including low electricity use, quieter operation, and longer lifespan.

Are BLDC fans silent?

Smooth and silent operation is made possible by these Aeroquiet BLDC fans because of their reliable motors. The Indian market’s highest air delivery fan is these 310 RPM fans, which deliver 240 CMM air thrust at 310 RPM.

Is BLDC fan high speed?

New BLDC Fan with DC technology for trouble-free operation and easy installation. High speed, airflow, and low power consumption are the highlights of Sigma BLDC fans.

Does the BLDC fan make noise?

If the fan is run for a long period of time, the rubber that holds the fan will deteriorate and need to be replaced. Intermittent noise may occur if blades are not properly fitted. In addition to being the most energy-efficient, well-tuned BLDC fans produce the least amount of noise.

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